Poster Peer Review

We were asked to peer review another poster design, so I chose to critique Kayla Molnar‘s poster (better image, and direct link to her poster is here).  What drew me to this poster was just how simple and abstract it is.  It is really reminds me of two things: traditional Asian ink paintings, and the streotypical Psychiatrists abstracts ink blobs (you know, the ones where they hold up the shapes and ask you what you see).  To me it feels like that is where she drew some inspiration–always trying to see art.  I also really like the symmetry of the poster because it feels composed and orderly.  And, I like the color combination; it is very classic and   However, if I were to make changes to this design relating to the font:

  • First, I am not a fan of the all-caps because it is hard to read.
  • In terms of hierarchy of elements, I think that there is not enough emphasis on the title of the show and date and reception information.  If you increased the
  • I also think that I a different font should be used because it is too much like the Martin-Mullen Gallery logo.  In conjunction, the kerning of the logo are perfect for the scale, but the kerning for the title are way too close.  I think splitting the title into two lines and increasing the kerning would increase the read-ability of the important information.
  • I really like the subtile grey line that separates the title from the reception information.  Keep that.  It’s working for you.

Overall, I think the changes that I suggested are minor because you have a really great poster and you should pat yourself on the back, Kayla!


One thought on “Poster Peer Review

  1. Wow! This poster really does have a beautiful quality to it. I agree that it is simple yet very unique at the same time. I like how this resembles an ink blot – relaying the idea that art students and art is based on personal interpretation. Really loving the idea!


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