Packaging Re-Design – Finished Product

MY DESIGN IS COMPLETE and I couldn’t be happier with my updated look for Pastene Arborio Rice.

After some constructive criticism with my group we talked about the shape of my template (a “milk” carton) and how it resembled a house.  I decided to make am authentic Italian-style building.  After looking at many photos online of tradition Italian street scenes and architecture I was able to take elements from them and incorporate them into my design.  I drew all of my own graphics (except the social media icons).

I was a little worried that my design wasn’t reminiscent enough of Italian architecture and could be mistaken for a Southwestern pueblo or stucco architecture.  I tried to combat that by adding an arched doorway and vines over it, as well as an Italian flag.

After realizing that my design could look Southwestern, I tried to stay away from the burnt siena colors and try some olive greens and burnt umber tones.  I think that doing this fixed my potentially confusing cultural identity issue.

For the logo I looked up many retro old-Italian styled fonts and settled on Atlantic Coast.  I think it is bold and beautiful, as well as a good blend of modern and traditional.  For “Arborio Rice” I decided to contrast the “Pastene” logo by choosing a traditional looking Italian script.  After a lot of tweaking, I think I got the right balance and hierarchy of elements for the two phrases.  The most important being the brand name, then the type of product (Arborio rice).

My design is unique because I added a “window” along the small, right edge of the box for the consumer to see how much rice is left.  The the window is a die cut in which I will cut the rectangle out and adhere a piece of plastic on the inside of the box.

CART 308 Johnson_Packaging

Pastene Arborio Rice packaging re-design by Lindsey L. Johnson


2 thoughts on “Packaging Re-Design – Finished Product

  1. mattlowy says:

    When working with the same type of product as someone else, it is really interesting to see how theirs comes out. With that being said, I really loved your design. I love the door on the front and the roof for the top of the package. When I look at it I get that nice Italian feel, which is what you were going for. The font you chose is the perfect font for a rice product. I also really like the type of packaging you chose, instead of sticking with just a box. Great job!


  2. I loved your packaging design. Everything about it was very unique and creative. I really liked how you made the roof for the top of the package. I feel like the audience can definitely get a sense that it’s Italian culture. I think you did a great job.


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