AIGA’s “How to Find Your First Job” by Juliette Cezzar

As I am about to become an alum in a few short weeks I decided to read the article, How to Find Your First Job, from the AIGA website to help me decide whether I want to look for a job or apply to graduate school after I graduate.  Graduating is something that has become utterly terrifying to me because, let’s face it, who really wants college to end?

Once I started reading the article I realized that part of this process was familiar to me already because last spring I applied to internships, which basically is very similar up until the “accepting a job” section.  Yes, I did accept my internship position, but I did not have to think about things like the amount of vacation/sick time, work-related travel, etc.  Until the article had mentioned it I hadn’t given much thought to that aspect of accepting a position.  I was even surprised to read that the author suggested negotiating your offer.  I’m not exactly sure I would be comfortable doing that for my first job.

I think this article was pretty good about the specific steps involved in relatively general way for searching for jobs. I didn’t feel as though it offered any ground-breaking new way for applying for jobs that I haven’t already read about before.  The exception being that the manner of organization and concise information made the reading smooth and digestible for someone like myself who doesn’t love to read.


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