Independent Project

For my independent project I am working on promotional and event materials for Janet Wentworth’s upcoming exhibition, Unsung Heroes.  The exhibition celebrates the achievement of real local heroes, some of whom are not well known.  There are a great variety of heroes represented–not just military heroes.

After seeing a few of the pieces of work and getting a vibe for what the various designs should reflect I started bouncing some ideas off to her.  I immediately thought of creating a spoof off of old newspapers or WWII propaganda posters.  Here is the mood board I created to help me do some research and organize my ideas.  I chose various posters based on various colors, fonts, and artistic style.

My mood board for

My mood board for “Unsung Heroes”

After showing Janet my mood board we weeded through and further developed some of the better ideas.  She was really taken with the idea of emulating a design based off The Saturday Evening Post.  She also wanted to have a four-color design, she was particularly fond of the yellow and blue combination.  She also requested that the colors scheme and design look good in black and white due to the fact that the collateral could/would be published in a newspaper or photocopied.

For collateral I am making save-the-dates, a Facebook cover photo, invitations, posters, postcards, and program covers.  Here are the completed save-the-dates (black and white and colors Fenimore Art Museum and Delaware County Historical Association cards, and the Graphics Standards Manual for the cards).

“Unsung Heroes” save-the-dates in color and black and white for the Fenimore Art Museum and Delaware County Historical Association, and the Graphics Standards Manual.



One thought on “Independent Project

  1. I think emulating the looks of the Saturday Evening Post is a beautiful and compelling idea. I love what you have so far and I must say I feel the blue and yellow combination is the most beautiful of the color choices provided, however, it looks beautiful in black and white as well. Your placement of words is working nicely with the negative white space. I also love how you are handling the “Save the date!” line in that it sort of “swoops” across the page. It creates a nice balance next to all of the other type that is in line with the page. This seems like a huge project with all of the collateral pieces that she wants created! You are handling the idea in a beautiful way however and I really like where this is heading.


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