Post-Graduation / Summer plans

So it is that awkward time of year again where I am in denial about the fact that the end of the semester is literally around the corner and I don’t want to make decisions about what I am going to do my all-too-short summer.  But this time it is a little different because I’M GRADUATING.

Initially I had decided that after going to school for [what seems like] my entire life I did not think that I would be interested in a graduate program because I was not sure what I would want to further my education in.  However, after taking both graphic design and web design I have been introduced to this wonderful field of Information design.  It really should not have surprised me because it was for very similar reasons that I dual majored in Geography (GIS) and Art (Design)–visually/spatially communicating information and problem solving.

As long as I can remember I have always been a conversationalist.  To this day, I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.  I also come from a family of writers and readers and have inherited some ability to write.  Through practicing my written and verbal communication I have become even more confident in my ability to effectively communicate with others.  One of my other strengths is my ability to analyze and critique my own work and the work of others.  In fact, it is something that I really enjoy.  I LOVE class critiques and find myself trying not to say too much and dominate the critique.  Simply asking me “give me a quick opinion” on something is not really something I am good at because I want to give really good feedback by taking all parts into consideration and giving meaningful, constructive criticism.  It is for all of these reasons that I really enjoy designing, and information design.  I know that it is the right field for me because everywhere I go I can’t un-see bad examples of design and information design; and all I want to do is re-design all of the bad examples.  Conversely, when I see really great examples of design, I take pictures, or explain to the poor person who is with me all of the reasons that I particularly love something.

I still feel like I need a few weeks or even a few months “off” to transition from one stage in my life to another, but I am starting to feel like I may have officially begun to formulate a new plan for myself.


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