More client projects

My latest client project!  My dad asked me to “quick help him” read over his resume for spelling errors, however, asking his artistic daughter to simply “read” the resume was a mistake.  In the spirit of Father’s Day I decided to take it upon myself and re-design his resume and create a graphic identity for him.  I had a lot of fun doing this not only because he is my dad and I know him very well (and I knew he would not be a tough client) but because I did it in such a short amount of time.  My timeline was two days.  Day One: talk to client about the project, discuss his desires, and come up with concepts. Day Two: create a graphic, logo, and identity system, re-format documents.  I did the majority of the project in about 5 hours on the second night.  As a designer, it is really important for me to have enough time to mull over my ideas–I need that full day to start mentally figuring out how I want the whole thing to look before I sit down at the computer (even if I keep none of the original plans).

My dad is a true Renaissance man–there are very few things that he doesn’t do himself!  He has many hobbies including antiquing, building (our home, wooden furniture, etc), fixing things, working on cars, and [most recently], working on clocks.  I immediately knew that his logo needed to tap into a side of him that not everyone at work would see from him (his hobbies), but still represented his skill set and how they cross over between one another.  When brainstorming we tried to think of easily recognizable tools (and what they might represent), but the more we talked the more we realized that the gears of clocks were more appropriate for him and the goal of the project.  He even had a clock that was disassembled for me to study.

Before: Word resume template

After: Logo (Illustrator) and Resume [and References] (InDesign)

New logo for client

New logo for client

Page 1 of the resume re-design

Page 1 of the resume re-design


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